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A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet, But Do You Know What They Mean?

For hundreds of years, people have used flowers to symbolize and convey feelings and reaches back all the way to early Chinese dynasties. It became immensely popular during the Victorian era. It is still popular today as was witnessed when Prince William married Kate Middleton. She chose the flowers in her bouquet because of their special meaning.

Valentine’s Day is a popular time to consult flower meanings to convey feelings to our spouses, partners, family, and friends.

Dozen red roses, modern and classic, gerbera daisies

Valentine’s Day Arrangements with special meanings for that special someone.

Roses are of course, the most popular flowers to give on this special day, but different colors carry different meanings.
- Red roses: passion, love and desire
- Pink roses: perfect happiness, appreciation and admiration
- Yellow roses: joy and friendship (to some it also means a decrease of love)
- White roses: innocence and purity

Carnations: Often overlooked as common, carnations deserve more attention. They symbolize new love and fascination.

Daisy: Daisies evoke feelings of innocence, loyal love and hope. He/she loves me… he/she loves me not…

Iris: Perfect for friends, this flower means your friendship means so much to me.

Ivy: Frequently used in wedding arrangements, ivy means wedded love, fidelity, friendship, and affection.

Lavender: Sweet smelling and traditional, lavender is given for devotion and virtue.

Orchid: Exotic and mysterious, orchids symbolize love, strength and longevity. Orchids have also been said to symbolize erotic seduction (oh my!)

Sunflower: Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face, sunflowers symbolize warmth and happiness.

Tulip: When you’re ready to make a declaration of love, tulips are the flower for you, but only if the person you’re giving them to are up on the flower meanings. Today, tulips are a fantastic go-to for family and friends.

Violets: These sweet little blooms mean faithfulness and “Let’s take a chance.”

tulips, sunfowers, and mixed bouquet

Who doesn’t enjoy the surprise of receiving beautiful flowers?

What’s your arrangement personality type?

If you were to receive flowers for Valentine’s day…..
Would you rather receive -

  • A classic bouquet of roses? (Classic / Traditional)
  • A mixed bouquet of beautiful flowers? (Fun / Spontaneous)
  • A long lasting tropical arrangement? (Exotic / Contemporary)

roses, protea, orchids, tulips,

Valentine’s Day Traditions in Japan and Korea

Valentine's Day Blog 2014

Did you know that in Japan and Korea, only women and girls give gifts on Valentine’s Day?  They make homemade chocolates called “honmei-choco” (true love chocolate) and give them to men and boys who they are interested in.  Only lovingly made, homemade chocolates will do to express true love for Valentine’s Day.  Store bought chocolates called “giri-choco” (courtesy or obligation chocolate) are reserved for friends and acquaintances.  Think men are getting off easy?  A month later, on March 14th, men who would like to reciprocate the affection celebrate White Day by giving white chocolate three-times the value of gifts received February 14th.

Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away.  Don’t get stuck at the last minutes with grocery store flowers.  Let us create a beautiful, thoughtful, and quality arrangement to express your feelings.

Let Us Be Cupid & Make A BIG Impression

Send a beautiful floral arrangement to your Valentine at work or home.

Why send cookie cutter Valentine flowers, when you can have a custom designed arrangement to complement your Valentines unique personality.

Here are some of our favorites: 


Fall In Love With Details!

We fell hard for this fall wedding and its delightful details.  The colors were toasty warm with vibrant orange lilies, dahlias, roses, and snap dragons.  The many shades of orange were accented by lush green succulents, hydrangeas, hypericum berries, and autumn foliage.  A variety of containers were used to house the stunning floral creations including: vases, urns, mason jars, clay pots, cones, wooden boxes, and lanterns.  Each container was embellished by hand with; burlap ribbon, lace, twine, and charms.  The little details added immensely to the overall look and feel of the wedding; the end result being cozy and classy with an air of romance.


Share The LOVE

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we want you to share the love, love stories that is.  Here’s what you do, shoot us an email with your most romantic love story.  It has to be true and something you did for your significant other or something they did for you.  We will pick the top three love stories and post them on our Facebook for people to vote on.  The Story with the most “likes” on Facebook come Valentine’s Day will be the winner.  The author of the winning story will receive a Valentine’s Day Floral arrangement of their choice worth up to $100, keep it for yourself or have it delivered to that special someone.  Please email stories to with “Love Story” as the subject, and don’t forget to include your contact info.

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