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June is the time of year when many of us celebrate graduation and Father’s Day.

Gifts for Graduation

Tropical flowers such as Orchid Lei’s have become almost as common as wearing a graduation cap and gown for men and women.  At A Floral Affair we offer 2 sizes of Orchid Lei’s:
Single for $36.00, Double for $54.00 (assorted colors available)

A beautiful hand tied presentation bouquet designed in your graduate’s favorite flower or school colors would surely make them feel extra special on the big day.

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 Gifts for Dads

Masculine Father’s Day arrangements can be created for dad using long lasting tropical flowers.  Antherium blooms are available in red, green and white. Red Ginger and beautiful Pin Cushion Protea are also great additions to create a stunning yet manly floral display. Phalonopsis Orchid, Cymbidium Orchid and Dendrobium Orchids are available in many shades such as soft subtle whites and green to vibrant shades of purple and orange. There are also masculine shades of yellow to deep rich shades of gold and rust.  Tropical floral arrangements are priced as follows:
Beginning at $65.00 each, with a good average being between $85.00 and up.

If your dad works hard every day at a desk a long lasting succulent garden or terrarium can also be a great gift for Father’s Day. These can be designed in a nice ceramic container or a more modern glass terrarium bowl. Both of these choices require very little care or water.

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If you’re just not sure and need some guidance just give us a call and let our designers help you choose a gift perfect for your dad or grad.

For best selection please order no later than Wednesday, June 11th.

Call Now!!   503-794-9370

Preserving Your Special Gift: Fresh Flowers 101

Flower Bouquets by A Floral Affair

From that Valentine’s Day surprise to receiving a hostess gift bouquet; from a Mother’s Day “Thank You” arrangement to a child handing a daisy she just picked to her dad; from a bridesmaid gently cradling her bouquet to the woman who sends her guy flowers… “just because.”  You can’t deny there is something wonderful in those petals that whisper, “I’m thinking of you.” Preserving Your Special Gift: Fresh Flowers 101 When you receive flowers arrangements in containers:

  • Top the container off with lukewarm water and add flower food as directed.  (Many delivery services will deliver arrangements with minimal water to prevent spillage during transport.)
  • Change water every few days to discourage bacterial growth, which can prevent flowers from absorbing water.  Add flower food as directed each time you change the water.
  • Remove leaves that fall below the water level as they may also encourage bacterial growth.
  • Before adding flowers to the container, it is a good idea to let water sit  in order to let oxygen dissipate.  Most faucets have aerators that mix oxygen into the water.  Air pockets can cause drooping or even premature death in flowers.
  • Keep arrangements out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents.  Most flowers prefer cooler temperatures for long life, but they do not like drafts.  Tropical flowers are an exception – they definitely should be placed away from chilly areas.
  • Do not display your flowers near fresh fruit and remove fading flowers as soon as possible since they both produce ethylene gas, which speeds up deterioration.

Five different everyday arrangements - just a sample of messages conveyed in flowers.

When you receive a bouquet without a container:

  • Choose a clean, dry vase.
  • Fill the vase part way with water.  Most flowers like it lukewarm, but a few, like tulips and daffodils, prefer cold water.
  • Follow the directions on the flower food packet and mix the proper amount.  This will help lengthen the life of your flowers, encourage blooms to open, and cut down on bacterial growth.
  • Trim off all underwater leaves.
  • Cut stems an inch up from the bottom and at a 45-degree angle to encourage water absorption.    If possible, cut them underwater to prevent oxygen from entering the stem, which will block water intake.
Most of all… Don’t forget to enjoy your gift!  Someone special is thinking of you today…just listen to the flowers…

Don’t Forget Your Prom Flowers!

Plan ahead and get Free Bling. Order your boutonnières and corsages at least one week prior to prom, and we will add the rhinestone accents of your choice free of charge.  Call and order yours today (503) 794-9370.

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Administrative Professional’s Week Is April 18-24, 2010

Let your favorite administrative professional know how much you appreciate them with cheerful spring flowers. Receive 10% off orders of $40.00 or more placed between 4/21/10-4/24/10.

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