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Event Planning – Bringing a Vision to Life Through the Planning Process

Arrangements really help to not only define a theme for an event, but also convey the personality of the host whether it is a business conference, product launch or anniversary celebration for a company or organization.  We recently had the pleasure of working with an organization celebrating 10 years in the tech industry.  They were looking for something contemporary and chic to complement their organization’s personality and the businesses they work with and we were happy to translate that vision into very sophisticated arrangements with clean and modern lines.

When clients come to us, they don’t always know what options they have, what to ask for, or even how to create the setting they envision.  Many times they don’t have the time to meet with us in person. That is where our years of experience, professionalism, and know-how come in.

We frequently work with clients through email correspondence.  The creative process begins by finding out about our clients and getting to know the personality of their organization as well as the event they are hosting.  What is the goal of the event?  How many people are they expecting?  Is it a dinner, cocktail hour, or presentation?  What is the room set-up?  Are there other props that need to be considered or rented such as furniture, linens, or company displays and products?

After we’ve gotten a feel for our client and the event, we help them to create a vision by sharing photos and ideas through vision boards. clean white modern chic for hip and trendy eventsAs the vision becomes defined, we suggest a variety of arrangement options and prices so our clients can make decisions with their budgets in mind.

clean, chic, and modern for trendy eventsFinally, we provide a detailed and formal proposal outlining the number of arrangements, descriptions, and costs.

Our clients enjoy working with us because we are able to take their inspirations and turn them into reality on events of all sizes and occasions, all while working within their budgets.

Flowers Add That Special Touch To Any Event

Hosting an event of any size is both enjoyable and nerve racking. There are so many details and decisions to make that will set the mood and affect how it is received by your guests. Flowers are a perfect way to set a theme, create a focal point, and add to the overall experience. From an elegant evening affair to a cozy intimate gathering and everything in between, there are a lot of choices when it comes to floral arrangements.

Centerpieces – Often the first decorations considered to set a theme, centerpieces should enhance a conversation, not prevent it. Centerpieces should either be low to the table so people can see over them or tall above the conversation. They should not block the view of people sitting across from each other. A centerpiece can be one arrangement or a grouping of smaller arrangements. Consider color and texture.

Registration / Guest Book Table – An arrangement placed on the registration or guest book table should complement, but not necessarily identical to the centerpieces. Like every first impression, they will give guests a taste of what the theme of the event is.

Buffet Table / Bar – While food is often a display itself, consider whether you would like to add floral details. Avoid flowers with strong scents here because it can detract from the aroma of the meal and hinder appetites. Bars can also be dressed up with a small arrangement.

Décor – Is there a stage or a staging area for the event? Frame it and define the space with floral arrangements. For a wedding, consider alter flowers. A gala event may have large arrangements near the speaker or podium. Does the location have features that can be highlighted? A fountain looks lovely with flowers floating in it. A gazebo can be dressed with a flower arch. Mirrors help to create the illusion of a larger arrangement and double the impact.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices, don’t worry. We have years of experience in helping you create an event to remember and have worked with many locations throughout the Portland Metro area. We would be happy to discuss your vision with you and offer suggestions.

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We’ve put together a collage of arrangements from all sizes and themes of events.

Linen Showcase

We wanted to spread the word about an upcoming linen showcase hosted by The Party Place.  The showcase will be held at The Hotel deLuxe on May 19th from 4pm to 7pm.  The Party Place will be featuring an exclusive viewing of their specialty linen collections.  For more information go to website at and be sure to check out their beautiful photo album.

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