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Mother’s Day is This Sunday

Mother’s Day is May 11th and coming up quickly.  Don’t forget to order a bouquet of Mom’s favorite blooms to celebrate all the wonderful things she’s done from carpools to helping with homework, from kissing boo-boos to attending all of our games and performances.  Moms are pretty cool and deserve recognition for all of the big and little things they do.

Mother's Day Floral Arrangements Moms Day

What’s in season this month?  Tulips, gerbera daisies, iris, lilacs, orchids, sweet peas, ranunculus, peonies and of course classic roses!

Not sure what to choose?  Don’t worry; let our expertise create the perfect arrangement for you!  With over 25 years of experience, we will put together a gorgeous arrangement that is sure to please!

Popular Flowers Are Not Always In Season, But We Have Great Recommendations To Keep The Look

Pinterest is a fantastic tool for anyone planning a wedding and even those just dreaming of one. There are so many ideas from dresses to cakes, locations and themes, diy projects and bespoke. It’s easy for someone to plan their dream wedding, but the site does not always take into account budget, the season, or availability. An outdoor wedding isn’t such a great idea during the rainy season. A long dress with sleeves and layers upon layers of tulle sounds like a good idea in December, but will get very hot in August.

Flowers are particularly tricky because we see these gorgeous images, but we forget how delicate they are and how limited their growing season can be. Peonies are a great example of this. Their large blooms, beautiful colors and vintage look have made them very popular the last few years. Unfortunately, they are a late spring flower available March-June and often unavailable during the popular months of the wedding season. Ranunculus and Anemones share the same fate and are usually gone before the wedding invitations are sent out.

Luckily, that’s where the professionals come in. Florists are familiar with an incredible variety of flowers that are often overlooked, but create the same feel and look as more popular flowers. The rose, for example, usually makes people think of the formal long-stemmed red kind, but most people aren’t familiar with the gorgeous options of garden and spray roses available. Lisianthus is another great substitute for ranunculus and anemones. Don’t overlook the carnation. They have not received much credit lately for their beauty, but were considered historically the flower of love all the way back to Greek and Roman times. Carnations come in an incredible variety of colors and can match any wedding. They can be a beautiful focal point or an excellent supporting flower.

Florists are also able to see what the newest varieties coming to the flower markets are and what is in season. Even more important, when flower supplies are affected by weather disasters, shipping problems, or other issues, we are able to make quick substitutions to ensure your wedding flowers maintain the overall look you planned on.

 Garden Roses, Lisianthus, and Carnation varieties step in during the summer months

Many different varieties of Garden Roses carry similar characteristics to Peonies. If you love the look of peony arrangements, but are getting married in the summer or fall, consider Garden Roses as another option. Aphrodite, Bahur, Charity, Cephus, Marie Terese, Pink Yves, Romantic Antike, and Sweet Rabelais have full blooms, textured petals and similar colors to peonies, but they are hardier and are more readily available.

Ranunculus are only available for a few months in early to mid-spring, but similar looking blooms include Spray Rose Sweet Sensation and Carnation Montezuma.

If you have your heart set on Anemones, but your date set when the weather turns warmer, try Lisianthus or Mini-Carnations which come in a variety of colors.

Whatever your plans are, we are happy to help with those minor hurdles and give suggestions, ideas, and alternatives to make your wedding special.

Event Planning – Bringing a Vision to Life Through the Planning Process

Arrangements really help to not only define a theme for an event, but also convey the personality of the host whether it is a business conference, product launch or anniversary celebration for a company or organization.  We recently had the pleasure of working with an organization celebrating 10 years in the tech industry.  They were looking for something contemporary and chic to complement their organization’s personality and the businesses they work with and we were happy to translate that vision into very sophisticated arrangements with clean and modern lines.

When clients come to us, they don’t always know what options they have, what to ask for, or even how to create the setting they envision.  Many times they don’t have the time to meet with us in person. That is where our years of experience, professionalism, and know-how come in.

We frequently work with clients through email correspondence.  The creative process begins by finding out about our clients and getting to know the personality of their organization as well as the event they are hosting.  What is the goal of the event?  How many people are they expecting?  Is it a dinner, cocktail hour, or presentation?  What is the room set-up?  Are there other props that need to be considered or rented such as furniture, linens, or company displays and products?

After we’ve gotten a feel for our client and the event, we help them to create a vision by sharing photos and ideas through vision boards. clean white modern chic for hip and trendy eventsAs the vision becomes defined, we suggest a variety of arrangement options and prices so our clients can make decisions with their budgets in mind.

clean, chic, and modern for trendy eventsFinally, we provide a detailed and formal proposal outlining the number of arrangements, descriptions, and costs.

Our clients enjoy working with us because we are able to take their inspirations and turn them into reality on events of all sizes and occasions, all while working within their budgets.

Personal Touches Make A Wedding Special

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, we’ve been thinking about Emerald Green a lot.  It reminded us of Amy and Adam’s wedding from last summer.  What a fun couple!  We used green hydrangea; orange/coral alstromeria; green cymbidium orchids; white, ivory, and spray roses; and bupleurum.  The bride’s hand-tied bouquet featured charms with photos of her parents and grandparents as well as her mom’s ring, which was a lovely personalized touch.

McMenamin's Kennedy School wedding

Congratulations Allison and Kevin – married at the Ainsworth House in Oregon City

The Ainsworth House in Oregon City is a beautiful setting for weddings. We worked with the bride to select blooms to compliment the history of the Greek Revival home and grounds. Old fashioned touches of dahlias, garden roses, and dusty miller created a soft, romantic bridal bouquet. Bridesmaids carried Tiffany blue hydrangeas which popped against their coral dresses. We used our shephard’s crooks to hang mason jars with alternating dahlias and hydrangeas as row markers for the ceremony. Low centerpeices featured floating dahlias over blue glass marbles.

Thank you to Catherine Conkey at White Rabbit Studioz for sharing these gorgeous photographs with us. She does an incredible job and really captures the magic of the wedding. Check out more of her work at

coral, Tiffany blue hydrangeas wedding at Ainsworth House in Oregon City

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet, But Do You Know What They Mean?

For hundreds of years, people have used flowers to symbolize and convey feelings and reaches back all the way to early Chinese dynasties. It became immensely popular during the Victorian era. It is still popular today as was witnessed when Prince William married Kate Middleton. She chose the flowers in her bouquet because of their special meaning.

Valentine’s Day is a popular time to consult flower meanings to convey feelings to our spouses, partners, family, and friends.

Dozen red roses, modern and classic, gerbera daisies

Valentine’s Day Arrangements with special meanings for that special someone.

Roses are of course, the most popular flowers to give on this special day, but different colors carry different meanings.
- Red roses: passion, love and desire
- Pink roses: perfect happiness, appreciation and admiration
- Yellow roses: joy and friendship (to some it also means a decrease of love)
- White roses: innocence and purity

Carnations: Often overlooked as common, carnations deserve more attention. They symbolize new love and fascination.

Daisy: Daisies evoke feelings of innocence, loyal love and hope. He/she loves me… he/she loves me not…

Iris: Perfect for friends, this flower means your friendship means so much to me.

Ivy: Frequently used in wedding arrangements, ivy means wedded love, fidelity, friendship, and affection.

Lavender: Sweet smelling and traditional, lavender is given for devotion and virtue.

Orchid: Exotic and mysterious, orchids symbolize love, strength and longevity. Orchids have also been said to symbolize erotic seduction (oh my!)

Sunflower: Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face, sunflowers symbolize warmth and happiness.

Tulip: When you’re ready to make a declaration of love, tulips are the flower for you, but only if the person you’re giving them to are up on the flower meanings. Today, tulips are a fantastic go-to for family and friends.

Violets: These sweet little blooms mean faithfulness and “Let’s take a chance.”

tulips, sunfowers, and mixed bouquet

Who doesn’t enjoy the surprise of receiving beautiful flowers?

What’s your arrangement personality type?

If you were to receive flowers for Valentine’s day…..
Would you rather receive -

  • A classic bouquet of roses? (Classic / Traditional)
  • A mixed bouquet of beautiful flowers? (Fun / Spontaneous)
  • A long lasting tropical arrangement? (Exotic / Contemporary)

roses, protea, orchids, tulips,

Valentine’s Day Traditions in Japan and Korea

Valentine's Day Blog 2014

Did you know that in Japan and Korea, only women and girls give gifts on Valentine’s Day?  They make homemade chocolates called “honmei-choco” (true love chocolate) and give them to men and boys who they are interested in.  Only lovingly made, homemade chocolates will do to express true love for Valentine’s Day.  Store bought chocolates called “giri-choco” (courtesy or obligation chocolate) are reserved for friends and acquaintances.  Think men are getting off easy?  A month later, on March 14th, men who would like to reciprocate the affection celebrate White Day by giving white chocolate three-times the value of gifts received February 14th.

Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away.  Don’t get stuck at the last minutes with grocery store flowers.  Let us create a beautiful, thoughtful, and quality arrangement to express your feelings.

Purple, The Color of Royalty, Is Sure to Make You Feel Like The Queen For a Day.

Lavender, Aubergine, Orchid, Byzantine, Fuchsia, Lilac, Violet…  there are some many shades and hues of purple and each of them can evoke a different feeling.  Soft lavenders, lilacs, and wisteria are perfect for vintage themes. Royal purple and eggplant creates drama with their intense colors.  Vibrant Orchid, fuchsia, and grape give modern themes vibrancy and pizazz.

When choosing a secondary color, purples blend well with white, grey and silver.  Green is a fantastic complimentary color.  Think lavender with mint green or deep purple with forest green.  If you want a pop, look at pansies and consider yellow.

Flowers that come in purples include:

  • Roses
  • Calla Lilies
  • Larkspur
  • Lisianthus
  • Ranunculus
  • Snap Dragons
  • Fresia
  • Carnations and Bachelor Buttons
  • Stock
  • Iris
  • Alstroemeria

In this edition’s collage, we’ve pulled different styles and flowers we’ve used for recent weddings.  There are so many options and textures available.

Story boards and wedding photos from Abernethy Center and World Trade Center with purple themes

Alyson and Christopher’s Story Board – Blue and Yellow Wedding

Ever wonder what goes into the planning process and how we create the beautiful looks? Check out a recent story board we created as well as photos from the wedding. Thank you Alyson and Christopher for choosing A Floral Affair. We had so much fun working with you.

Blue and Yellow Wedding

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