Have you ever noticed how many traditions are associated with weddings? Traditions include not seeing the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony; the father daughter dance at the reception; something borrowed, something blue; and so many more.  Have you ever wondered where some traditions come from?  In many countries a boutonniere on the groom is a symbol of fertility.  It is a German tradition for flower girls to sprinkle petals down the aisle for good luck.  Many couples are choosing to incorporate more traditions from their heritage to honor ancestors.

A popular trend for brides with themes from the British Isles include bouquets of wildflowers and wearing flower garlands in the hair for Irish maidens; Welsh brides carry myrtle; and Scottish lasses include blue thistle and heather.

Tropical themes can get played up with tropical flowers like protea, orchids, or antherium.  Hawaiian men wear a Maile Lei while Thai men where a Puang Maloi Garland to promote fertility and act as protection against malevolent spirits.  Incorporating leis are a perfect way to carry the tropical theme.